Dallas / Ft. Worth REIA

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Commitment to Responsible Real Estate Investing

DFW Real Estate Investment Association members acknowledge that our association is an organization of people whose purpose is to promote our collective real estate investing success through education, networking and community service. The ownership and management of real estate is a highly regulated segment of the free enterprise system of the United State of America. As such, the members of the DFW REIA must treat this enterprise with the utmost professionalism. DFW REIA members desire to expand their knowledge of real estate investing and management. In order to pursue these ends in a legal and ethical manner, all members of DFW REIA will be held to a higher standard of ethical behavior and the highest standard of professionalism and integrity. This includes, but is not limited to the following list of behaviors:

• DFW REIA members will not intentionally misrepresent any material fact in their business dealings.
• DFW REIA members should keep themselves informed on matters affecting housing in their community, including local, state, and federal laws.
• DFW REIA members will create safe and sanitary housing.
• DFW REIA members will act as positive role models for the professions of real estate investing and housing providers when dealing with tenants, the public, the media, government officials, and all others.
• DFW REIA members agree to disclose any and all known information about any property that may adversely affect the property value or that may cause the buyer any present or future hardship.
• DFW REIA members will never market any property that they do not have legal control.
• DFW REIA members will always seek the counsel of professionals for any issue in which they are not well versed.
• DFW REIA members will be responsible to complete their own due diligence in all business dealings and will encourage others to do the same.
• DFW REIA members will not perform or cause to be performed any act which would tend to reflect on or bring DFW REIA into disrepute.
• DFW REIA members will not engage in or tolerate other members engaging in illegal practices of any nature.
• DFW REIA members will consult with their own professional advisors as to risks and legal, tax, economic or investment implications in matters concerning real estate and other investments.

By becoming a member of the DFW REIA, each member pledges to conduct his/her business in accordance to the guidelines listed above. DFW REIA reserves the right to review the complaint of any other member, property owner, or resident, and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke membership of any member at any time for any reason.

Dated: January 1, 2010